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Fillongley Shooting Club

Fillongley and District Shooting Club as it was first called started in 1965 by 3 men who decided they wanted to shoot clays and had access to a single trap, these were Peter Bowden, Dave Williams and Alan Veasey.  Dan Walters and Frederick Challenor joined the group when it was mentioned to them at their local the Butchers Arms.  Soon word got around that a shooting club had started and the club was overrun with members.  Cartridges and Clays were purchased from Davies Sports Shop in Coventry. 

Alan Veasey was the first Treasurer of the club and looked after the cheque book and bank account.  The club was run at Mains Farm Road until 1971 unfortunately the M6 came right up the back of the farm and was due to open in 1972 so the club had to move.  Mr Morgan owned a yard at Dolomans, Temple Lane, Green End, Fillongley, the club grew larger and ran a shoot once a month on a Sunday afternoon giving good prize money with many of the best shooters attending, this ceased in 1987 when Mr Morgan died and his wife sold the yard.  The club then moved to Stonehouse Farm Church Lane, Church Lane, Corley Moor, this is where the Fillongley show is held annually.  We stayed there for 3 years before having to move due to complaints about the noise, the club moved in 1990 to the Old Hall, Fillongley which is where we are now.  Thanks to our members John Aldenton, Gerry Brough, Frederick Challenor and Maurice White to name a few, the club is still going strong.  From the early days of mainly DTL the club also now shoots ABT, English Sport, Compaq sporting with a pool shoot and have a go stand available at most shoots.

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